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HMS Monmouth Freedom Parade

The Band of HM Royal Marines Commando Training Center

On Saturday 31st March, The Band of HM Royal Marines Commando Training Center led The Ship's Company of HMS Monmouth through the streets of Monmouth in South East Wales, upon its return from deployment to America with The Royal Navy's new Aircraft Carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.

The band stepped of and marched over the Monnow Bridge into the two playing The Mountbatten March and then Army of the Nile, before halting in the street for the inspection. During this, the band performed 'Tunes of the British Isles' and 'The Duke of York', under the direction of their Bandmaster.

After the inspection, the band marched through the rest of the high street, past the shire hall, where the salute was taken and upto the Castle Barracks. Preceding the parade, the band performed a short Beating Retreat ceremony outside the Shire Hal, for dignatries and members of the public, who watched in the unusual 15 degree weather for March!


To view the full photo, please click the image and it will be enlarged and shown in full.

To watch a video of the parade please Click Here

To watch a full video of the Beating Retreat please Click Here

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