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2019 Gurkha Freedom of Brecon Parade

The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas performing at the 2019 Freedom of Brecon Parade. This year, the parade took place at an earlier time of 11:00 as it was part of wider events marking the twinning of the Welsh Garrison Town of Brecon and Dhampus in Nepal. 
Unfortunately, the parade suffered heavy downpours of rain before and during the inspection and speeches by the Mayor and Nepal Ambassador to the UK, cutting parts of the parade shorter than planned. The band still led the Mandalay Wing of the Gurkhas around the Town and performed a brilliant marching display in the Bulwark after! 

All music is captioned at the start of the piece in the video.         
The band played:
General Salute - Scipio
Inspection Music - The start of 'Out of Africa' -
Parade marches - Sambre et Muse
                              - Hark Forrard
                              - Jellalabad 
                              -  Yo Nepali!
Marching Display - Conquest of Paradise
                                - Zorba The Greek
                                - Yo Nepali!


To view videos of the 2019 parade and marching display (in 720p), please follow the link below:

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